Little Rockers Radio is a radio station dedicated to kids!

Dedicated to entertaining children 24/7... No ads!

Keep your little ones entertained, occupied, happy, dancing, laughing and singing to Little Rockers Radio! Being a Mum can be tough, funny, rewarding, tiring, frustrating, amazing and more - all of this in just one day! We created Little Rockers Radio to help.

At Little Rockers Radio we are completely passionate (some may say insane) about children's health (both physical and mental) and through Little Rockers want to help children grow into happy and health grown ups! You will hear lots of great music from favourites such as The Wiggles, Sam Moran, Justine Clarke, Play School and more as well as fun-key yoga perfect for little ones, smiling mind meditations and lullabies right through the night. All created by a Mum for Mums and their children!

Get reddy to disco dance, have fun and raise money for a great cause.

Register your Child Care Centre to take part in this years Little Rockers RED NOSE Disco! Friday 24th June 2016.

Find out more here, or register your centre here.


Little Rockers Radio supports PANDA

I'm very pleased to announce that Little Rockers Radio is very proud to work with PANDA to help support more Mums!

Parenthood can be really tough and parents need to know that it's OK to reach out for help.

Read more here...

Music from around the world launches weekdays on Little Rockers Radio

You can switch on at 3pm (AEST) daily to hear 10-minutes of music from around the world.

Italian, French, Mandarin, Spanish & German.

Here's the weekly schedule.


Gracie just loves to make, paint, paste, rip, cut, tear, draw, fold, measure & pour!

She loves to get her hands dirty and make lots of fun things with her Mum & Dad. Thanks to Learning 4 Kids, each week we are featuring a great activity that you can do at home with your little ones. Check out this weeks activity here.


Switch us on for Story Time Daily at 11am and 5pm (AEST)!

Proudly bought to you by Little Rockers Radio and the Five Mile Press. Find out all about our fabulous Stories, meet the amazing authors and enter competitions to win signed copies of books here!


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