We’ve been built on a single idea... What if the power of thousands of Parents and Carers simply PRESSING PLAY could change the health of our future generations?

Now by simply pressing play you are part of the change… #PressPLAYforPURPOSE



Created by a Mum for Mums. Little Rockers Radio loves children’s music and entertainment however our goals are not necessarily musically focused. We are on a mission to make a difference over the next decade and ask you to join us on the journey…

We're here to support parents and littlies!

We offer you an alternative to the screen, playing lots of great songs (fun and educational), as well as Ready Steady Go Kids activity programs, yoga, little meditations and beautiful 'restful' music. This helps to equip children with some helpful 'tools' they can use as they grow up. Knowing how to stop and breathe, to be active, or to pop on restful music when you are stressed helps so much - so let's get our children growing up doing these things without a second thought.

Raising $1 million for Red Nose (previously SIDS & Kids).  

The Little Rockers RED NOSE Disco created in memory of Sarah's (Little Rockers Radio's founder) nephew Dylan, which launched in 2015. With all funds raised from this disco going direct to Red Nose a goal of $1 million is not only a good figure to strive for, but it would help immensely with education, research and support. To date the disco has helped raise over $100,000 for Red Nose.

Ensuring every child is safe, happy and healthy!

Little Rockers Radio works closely with our charity and impact partners to make a difference to the lives of at risk parents and children. Our Kids Yoga 4 Dignity campaign raises funds to support the 1 million children who are victims of family violence, helping to place them into sporting and activity programs. We also work with Thankyou Baby & The Nappy Collective to donate nappies to Mums who can not afford to put nappies on their babies. 

We want Little Rockers Radio to grow into a brand that is strong enough to support grass roots sports throughout Australia.

Yep, sounds bold, but we want to knock McDonald's off its perch. We understand that McDonald's supports a lot of local clubs and this support keeps them going, however we are striving to do this through Little Rockers Radio instead. It's not about telling Mums, Dads and Guardians what they should and shouldn't feed their kids, we just don't want McDonald's to purposefully skip the parents and try to get to the kids direct! As parents we will feed our children, and make decisions about what's right for them. And, targeting the kids direct just makes our lives a little harder! Plus, we really can't see any good connection between 'junk food' and children's sport anyway!

So, there you have it!

They are big, but we will achieve them, and the Little Rockers Radio listeners
and supporters are what will help them come to life!



Why Kids Radio?

Previous generations have all grown up with radio, why not expose this generation to its benefits too!

Today's kids are growing up in a world where they can watch TV at home and in the car, play games on smart phones, tablets and other devices. Even games once played outside are now played through devices inside like the X-Box and Wii. There is a place for all of this, however the team at Little Rockers want to offer parents and carers more!

The Little Rockers crew want to offer an entertainment alternative, one that predominantly comes without a screen! Kids can dance, sing, read along with, shout, whisper, exercise, draw, perform craft activities and play while LISTENING to Little Rockers Radio.

The more people pressing play, the bigger our impact. It's really that simple! The bigger we grow, the bigger our partners and the more impact we can make. It's a simple model with a big outcome.

Our Values

Entertainment, Education, Fun, Health, Trust, Community!