The Rocking MOTHERHOOD Show

The Rocking Motherhood Show is a celebration of the weird and wonderful things Motherhood throws at us!

Whether we are working Mums, at home Mums, breastfeeding Mums, bottle feeding Mums, Mums who have the customary 'mum bun' 7-days a week or Mums with a perfect blow wave... who gives a hoot! We are all Rocking Motherhood the best way we know how!

If you are a judgemental Mum then keep scrolling through other pages, don't bother stopping by here! We don't want you.

The Rocking Motherhood Show is a LIVE weekly show launching soon. Wednesday's at 8.30pm as well as a podcast with a range of topics that are for Mums, topics that are decided with your input.

There's info on babies, toddlers, development, first aid, safety, raising boys, raising girls, mental health, celebrity interviews, social media Mums and more. All in the one place.

All delivered in a way that's fun, non judgemental and without the usual media spin!

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I caught up with the editor of Mother & Baby Magazine, Erin Mayo, to chat about positive parenting, finding your mojo and becoming a Mum tester in the Mother & Baby Awards.

Want to be a Mum Tester for the Mother & Baby Awards. Here's the info!

Our children know how to use our iPads and iPhones better than we do!

I chat with Dr Joanne Orlando about the new guidelines for technology use for children. At what age can we start to introduce technology, what's appropriate for what age and what are the benefits?

I caught up with Lucy Good, founder Beanstalk Single Mums to chat about the key issues facing Single Mums and how the recent changes to Centrelink have affected them.

Beanstalk Single Mums is a community empowering single mums to re-find their potential and re-build their confidence. Take a listen...

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I caught up with Bridget, Mum of two and founder of Midnight Mums an online community of close to 65,000 Mums. Bridget started the community as an online Mums group for her and two friends in 2012 and 5-years later it's growth has been astronomical and continues.

We chat about the group, mum life, parenting tips she has picked up along the way and I learn something completely new too!

Find out more about the Midnight Mums community at

Do you know what to do if your child swallows shampoo or ingests a household item?

The poisons information line (13 11 26) is a must know for all Australian parents.

Here's all the info you need...

I caught up with 4 fabulous ladies and we had a great chat about Mum Life...

  • Balance - does it exist?
  • School holidays - how do we survive?
  • Trying to be perfect? Lower your standards!
  • Success and New Years Resolutions - what do they mean to us and you?
  • First Aid & Safety on holidays - Nat's 3 top tips!

Thanks to the amazing ladies who came along for a chat... Alli from Motivating Mum, Mel from The JERF Project, Nat from Wonderwoman Children First Aid and Ani from Mumlife Australia! xx

CHOKING : I caught up with Nataly from Wonderwoman Children First Aid and we spoke about choking. Do you know what to do if your baby, toddler or child chokes?

With the holiday season fast approaching things can get crazy - there will be presents everywhere, the opportunity for small pieces to be left lying around, new food being sampled and more. Prevention is always best, however we live in the real world and accidents can happen!

This video is for information purposes only and it is recommended you get together with a bunch of your friends or family and take a first aid course with Wonderwoman Children.

Research shows that professional women can find the transition to Motherhood harder. Why is this?

I caught up with Cherie from The Connected Mama to chat more about this and get some tips to help with the transition.

You can download Cherie's free affirmations and meditations here.


Kylie from The Sleep Mama is popular for a reason... It's her gentle and caring approach to helping you as a Mum with your new bub.

Kylie's sleep guides are hugely popular and I caught up with her to ask her for some advice for new Mums, her thoughts on the one-size-fits-all rigid sleeping approach and some tips for getting our little ones to sleep when it's still light outside. Take a listen!

I caught up with Anna Lisle (famous chef, journalist and food icon) about her new cookbook WHOLE FOOD, BOWL FOOD!

Anna is well known for her time on Channel 7’s reality cooking show and popular series My Kitchen Rules, with their instant restaurant episode attracting 2.254 million viewers. We chat about feeding your family, developing a love of food from a young age with your children and more!

We chat with Lynette Bolton. Mum of two, regular on Channel 7 Sunrise, Presenter on Sydney Weekender, conscious entrepreneur and founder of LoveLCB... amongst other things!

We chat about fitting things in, meditation, mindfulness and so much more! My takeaway from this interview? As a new Mum if you can clean your teeth, have a shower and wash your hair in a day you are kicking some serious goals! Don't put pressure on yourself!

I caught up with Erin Mayo, editor of Mother & Baby Magazine to ask her about our new born babies and their brain development. Did you know we can start teaching our children a new language before they are born!?

We also chat about Perinatal Anxiety and Depression. It's not uncommon and many Mums (and Dads) are not alone, even though it may feel this way. There is help.